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1. Cancellation Policy for Groups
In order to receive a refund of a registration, notice must be received two business days before the first class.
Refunds for fees take up to 4 weeks to process.
NO refunds on missed classes.
If only one student is present in a group class, the class will last only 20 minutes, or must pay the difference for a private class.
If only 2 students are present in a group class, the class will last only 30 minutes, or must pay the difference for a semi-private class.
You may also, reschedule the class in another group, if any in the same level.
Credit is allowed only if the whole group reschedules the class. No more than 1 cancellation/credit per month.

2. Cancellation Policy for Private Classes
In order to receive a credit/refund, you need inform absence 24 hours in advance.
You may either reschedule the class of just have a credit for the next month.
You are allowed to have only one cancellation/credit per month.

3. Private Class Payment
The tuition for the following month is due in full on the last class date of the current month.

4. Group Class Payment
The tuition is due in full before or on the first day of the class.

5. Certificate of Completion
A certificates of completion is available when the class ends, if you successfully passed.




For more information, please feel free to contact us.